• Celebrating 30 years of service in the petroleum construction business

    “We would like to thank all of our customers and partners for their loyalty and trust in our company over the past 30 years,” said Gregory Dubas, owner of Pine Run Construction. "Pine Run’s longevity can be attributed to everyone in our company prioritizing our clients’ needs,” he added.

    Building a good reputation is essential to growing and maintaining a thriving business, especially one that lasts 30 years. For Gregory Dubas, building that reputation has been a goal and a source of pride. Pine Run has always made quality work and service a priority. To Greg, this means advanced organizational scheduling, careful attention to detail, addressing emergencies quickly, and, most importantly, really listening to the client.

    The beginning

    Greg Dubas started Pine Run Construction, Doylestown, Penna. 30 years ago after working as a field engineer and then engineering manager for Mobil Oil Corp. (now Mobil/Exxon Corp.). “I saw from the inside the particular needs and demands placed on the corporate engineer,” Dubas says. After working for 14 years in the corporate petroleum industry environment, Dubas was uniquely equipped to identify the ways in which contractors met and sometimes failed to meet corporate expectations. “This has given me insights that helped me build a niche business that knows how to respond to those unique needs, ” he adds.

    Growing while staying small

    Growth is important for every business, but for Pine Run, growth isn't necessarily about growing in size. “We learned long ago to focus on good quality rather than creating a big company where quality suffers in the process," Dubas says, “I still want to keep the business small enough to be able to know what’s going on with every project at any given moment.”


    Brian Dubas Brian Dubas joined his father in the family-owned business in 2011. Named as Pine Run Construction's Vice President of Administration and Business Development, Brian Dubas’ key responsibility is to carve out new directions by “identifying the company’s current and future businesses.”

    Previously, a vice president with Meridian, TD and Commerce Banks, Brian's business acumen helps him to serve existing clients while expanding business. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Marketing. Brian has a history of growing branch offices, managing a one billion dollar regional deposit portfolio, and leading large teams to success.

    Brian's excitement and enthusiasm brings a rich synergy to the Company with skills he developed from working in the banking industry.


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